Mobile/ Cell phones(0) 
      Upto 5,000(0)
      5,001 to 10,000(0)
      10,001 to 15,000(0)
      15,001 to 20,000(0)
      20,001 to 30,000(0)
      30,001 to 40,000(0)
      Above 40,000(0)
Personal Collectibles(0) 
      Celebrity Belongings(0)
      Coins & Notes(0)
      Text Books(0)
Audio & Video(0) 
      Portable Audio & Video(1)
      Television (0)
      CD & Cassette Players (0)
      Accessories (0)
      Car Audio(0)
      DVD & VCD Players(0)
      Home Theater Systems(0)
      Sound Systems(0)
Digital Cameras(0) 
      Storage Device(0)
      Memory Cards(0)
Real Estate(0) 
Office Automation(0) 
      Photo Copy Machine(0)
Clothing and Accessories(0) 
Electronic Appliances(0) 
      Air Conditioners (0)
      Cooking Range (0)
      Irons (0)
      Mixers & Blenders(0)
      Telephone Sets(0)
      Vacuum Cleaners(0)
      Washing Machines(0)
Home Improvements(1) 
      Security (0)
      UtilityTools (1)
Musical Instruments(0) 
      Food & Supplies(0)
      Grooming (0)
Sports & Fitness(0) 
      Exercise & Fitness Equipments(0)
      Sporting Apparels (0)
Beauty and Health(0) 
      Hair Care(0)
      Health Instruments(0)
      Perfumes & Deodorants (0)
Arts & Antiques(0) 
      Others (0)
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