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Tsujil Karmacharya

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Talent

Looks can do wonders to a person who is already talented. Tsujil Karmacharya's popularity and success can be accounted mainly to his singing talent; and his good looks just worked as an 'x' factor for him. Having started his career as a vocalist in 'The Seasons' band, he has currently come up with his solo album 'Bhumo'. People have loved him also for his act as a model in numerous music videos; specially the 'Dubna deu malai' video with Jharna Bajracharya. Also a civil engineer, this pious personality is arranger, producer and lyricist. And you can in all probability catch him any time at Alpha Studio in Chhauni.
Why we love him
For his highly enthusiastic nature, piousness, his virtuous soul. With his distinct singing style he has given us numerous melodies to hum. Having made his mark from his first song, he does not stop to make our heart beat faster whenever he croons. And yes we have fallen in love with his screen persona too.
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