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Meet Nepal's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.  We feature some of the most desirable, popular, talented, influential and successful names from the media, sports, entertainment and the corporate world! Check them out!

Sabina Karki
Media Personality

Hi- On: Fame, Talent

She has made thousands of people fall in love with her alluringly soothing voice. Sabina Karki is the country's most loved female radio jockey, reaching out to people via the airwaves of Radio Kantipur. A popular voice in the radio world Sabina is young, famous,talented and therefore our most eligible bachelorette this week.
Why we love her
With a voice of a sweet seductress who wouldn't possibly love her. Her pretty face and pretty figure that go along with it makes a magic combination. She has charmed her way up in the world of media and we simply love her for her go getter attitude too.
Ripe-O-Meter  Result for Sabina Karki = Ripe n Ready
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Friends call you (nickname):
Sabs, moti, sabbu darling, sabinazzzz


Star Sign:

Radio Jockey

Radio Kantipur

Education Qualification:
Masters in Mass Com and Journalism/ Masters in Disaster Management

Hobbies/ Interests:
music, movies, nature, roaming around with friends and talking over the microphone, of course!

Describe yourself ::
I am a happy-go-lucky girl, very blunt and straight forward. I believe I am extremely simple too and believe that if good given to the world same shall be returned. And since I am blunt, I rate zero when it comes to diplomacy. I should be taking serious classes on that subject. Lol :)

What are you passionate about? :
I am very passionate about my work. 8 years into radio jockeying and I am still as passionate about talking on the micro phone. I can't have enough of it. I guess this is what passion is after all. My love for the radio will never fizzle out.

What physical attributes of the opposite sex attract you?:
Good body, good eyes and a good body odor, for sure.

And who would you pick for the tag of sexiest man alive?:
Arjun Rampal, seriously.

From 1 to 10 rate your sex appeal.:
10 out of 10, is there even a doubt?!

How much can you commit into a relationship?:
Cent percent, no doubt about that either!

You prefer men wearing?:
Semi- formals. I dont like guys all primed up and clean shaved..they've got to have that rugged quotient too.

Your idea of a romantic date?:
Actually, the person whom I am on a date with matters more ambience really doesn't matter.

What would you wear on a hot date?:
Anything, because I believe I have been blessed with a good body; something black actually

Turn you on by?:
Nice smell and confidence.

Itís a date deal breaker when (what turns you off)?:
When my date has a bad body odor or bad breath. I can't stand pessimists and surely can't stand arrogant people either.

What you donít understand about men?:
I wonder why they're always insecure. They don't never fully trust us and its so lame.

Biggest misconception about women?:
That we're the weaker sex, that we cry very easily and that we use our tears as a weapon to get what we need. In fact, I believe that in matters of the heart and real emotional challenges, women are a lot stronger.

According to you, marriage is::
Its a beautiful bond, seriously I believe marriages are made in heaven. Upon the meeting the right person the bond will be even more meaningful.

You believe in::
  • love marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • doesnt matter
    She chose: doesnt matter

    And the reason?:
    Because I still haven't figured out if my marriage will be a love or an arranged, so

    You prefer (chose one):
  • same Ė caste marriage
  • any caste, doesnít matter
    She chose: same Ė caste marriage

    And the reason? (optional):
    The differences that come along when marrying someone from a different caste is huge. Because one has to adjust really well in a new culture, tradition and surrounding and I am not much of an adaptable person. So, its easier if I marry someone with similar backgrounds as mine and therefore choose to have same caste marriage.

    Qualities you seek in your life partner?:
    Some one trustworthy with good looks, honest, intelligent, optimistic, educated and far-sighted well, to find someone measuring to all the qualities I have just mentioned is definitely hard to find but what's there in dreaming about such a perfect man, right?!

    What do you think is the best part of being unmarried?:
    Mmmm, I think my life is in its golden phase no questions to be answered, less responsibilities, freedom.I guess this is what the best part of being unmarried is.

    What do you think would be the best part of being married?:
    A loving husband by my side with kids wow life is going to be fun then lol

    What aspect of bachelorrette life would you wish to see it continue after tying the nuptials?:
    As I said earlier, my life is in such a golden phase no hassles no tensions I just wish that I may be able to retain and hold on to this golden phase even after my marriage my life would be a real LIFE then.

    How would you describe your sexual preference? (chose one):
  • partner who is just ok in bed (sex is not priority for him/her, takes it as a part of martial relationship)
  • good in bed (knows pretty much about the regular stuff)
  • wild in bed (experimental type)
    She chose: good in bed (knows pretty much about the regular stuff)

    And the reason?:
    Good in bed, someone who knows pretty much about the regular stuff.

    Your sexual fantasy: :
    Why should I tell you?

    How important is it for you for your life partner to be a virgin? :
    In case I go in search of a virgin guy I know I will never find one so ya virginity, not really important.

    Your favorite sexual position:
    Hmmmmmmmm will tell ya later.

    Would you forgive your partner if you caught him cheating on you? And the reason why.:
    For me trust counts but for once I might as well think about forgiving, provided that he begs me for it from the bottom of his heart.

    And what about you, would you expect to be forgiven if your partner found you cheating on him?:
    As I said earlier, if I am in a committed relationship I give more than my hundred percent to make it a successful bond. So I am sure and I truly know that a situation like this will never come.

    Finally, Any thing you'd like to say to all those solo studs reading your profile right now?:
    Thank you for reading. I answered all the questions without much diplomacy and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Well I am still single and I would like to be with someone with too many good qualities. So my search for that perfect man is still on, wish me luck.

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