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Sore necks

Working endless hours at your desk, in front of a computer can be very tasking on your neck- especially if there aren’t any attractive people of the opposite sex in your office. If such is the case, you better have a talk with the human resource management of your organization. It’s your neck you are putting on the line!

Jokes apart, working all day long with a ruthlessly demanding job can really be a pain in the neck. You ought to take care of them before it causes you some real serious trouble. A tense neck can go into spasms and cause you not only neck problems but headaches and pains in the arms and shoulders. If ignored, these aches may turn chronic to haunt you for life. So beware of that.

The only real solution to avoiding stiff and sore necks is to break the monotonous action of your job. Take periodic breaks to stretch your muscles by taking a walk every now and then. Experts recommend that you get up and walk around for 4-5 minutes after every 45 minutes of working at a desk.

Keep your neck muscles loose and all relaxed up. Turn and tilt your head sideways, bend your head forwards and backwards and rotate your head in slow circular motions. Shrug your shoulders a few times. Prevention is better than cure.

However if you already feel tense and are getting some neck spasms, try some isometric exercises. Isometric exercises are exercises in which you pit one muscle with another. Clasp your hands together behind your head and press your head against your hands. Hold this for a few seconds. Then bend head forward and press head forward with hands as your neck provides resistance. Hold this for a few seconds.

If at the end of a hard days work, your neck ache still persists, ask someone to massage your neck. A warm water bath will also help, or you can also put a hot water bag to your neck. If things don’t improve you should visit your doctor.

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