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49 days to the perfect partner – ‘Guaranteed’!

This is definitely not your everyday stuff; it’s kind of out of the ordinary.

Delhi’s Feng-shui, tarot, I Ching and aura expert Ritu Kapoor claims you can have your ideal partner with the help of a 49 day Feng Shui ritual. And she guarantees it!

As one would expect, the process is a little eerie. Kapoor recommends carrying out the ceremony after 11:30 PM and doing it with complete faith. If not then could there be side effects? Kapoor does not say.

“Take a sheet of paper and with a red pen, jot down a line or two about the kind of lover or relationship you want. Repeat the line 49 times,” says Kapoor. “Now, burn the piece of paper and imagine your vibrations being sent out to the world along with the smoke.”

Repeat this ritual for 49 days and see what Kapoor calls “results that will blow you away”.

Noone we know has tried it as yet, but if you do let us know how it went. If it works write in to us about it and we’ll put it up for the rest for the world to see. It will be a win-win situation for you and for the rest of us desperate ones.

If it doesn’t then, consider this an interesting read.

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