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Make that first impression the best and the last

You know how they say first impressions are the last ones? Well unfortunately it appears to be true; studies show that first impressions may take less than 30 seconds to make but can last for months or years.

Meaning that if we can get those 30 seconds right, we’re in luck otherwise we’re in a rut. Here are three helping points to make sure you nail that first impression.

Speak silently: Okay so here’s how it goes; your body does 55 % of the speaking while what you actually say just speaks for 7% of the whole impression. So what’s the best posture? It’s one where your arms are at your side, with your body leaning forward slightly. It sound a bit awkward, but the posture looks open and attentive and that’s how you make a million dollar impression.

Warm up the shake: Always leave your right hand free – that’s the formula for a great handshake. By having your right hand free, you won’t have to stumble before a shake or wipe off the cold or liquid or whatever you had been holding, making your handshake immediate and firm.

Follow the ‘rule of twos’:
Research suggest that using a person’s name and offering compliments boost first impressions. But so that you don’t overdo it, remember the rule of two’s – use the tactics only twice, otherwise you may even ruin your first impression.

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