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Raise your left hand

It's amusing to see left handed people do their work; no I don't mean it in a peculiar type of way, I meant have you noticed how lefties have a stylish way of doing everything? My best friend is a lefty and I love watching him write, he has beautiful handwriting.

Inspired, I often try using my left hand too but then I'm no lefty.
People say left handers are intelligent. I know a guy whose parents made him use his left hand as a child just so that he could turn out brainy. 29 years down the line, I don't know if you could call him that today.

Oprah, Picasso, Jimi Hendrix, Julia Roberts, Michelangelo, Bob Dylan, Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and so on and so forth - the list of famous left handers is endless. Research show that true left-handers (those who do everything with their left side), score one-third higher on vocabulary tests and do twice as well on problem-solving as right-handers. Left-handers also have a better recovery rate from strokes, apparently because they share more of both sides of their brain. Left handers are more gifted too, with IQs of more than 140. Lefties are more perceptive to changes in musical tones, perhaps because they hear equally well with both ears, unlike righties. Lefties are also better at sports than righties (tennis and swimming especially).
Hmm, makes you want to start using your left hand more often doesn't it? No wonder those parents succumbed to such tactics.

Yet even with all the great stuff being said about lefties, they're often victims of ridicule just because they're of a minority group. Only 10% of the population is left-handed; it is still a right-handed world. Did you know that the 13th of August is marked National Left Handers Day in America? They say it's the day for lefties to stand up for their rights.
National Left Handers Day was established to draw attention to the unjust treatment that lefties have historically faced. Left- handed schoolchildren were once forced to write with their right hand, and sometimes the left was tied behind their back; in the 1600s, being left-handed was associated with witchcraft.

Left-handers have learned to develop their coping mechanisms, and some say they are a bit better at adapting, since they must learn to live in a world that is built for right-handers. From can openers, golf clubs, scissors and even the computer keyboard, lefties have had a hard time adapting. So for this reason, perhaps, some research suggests that left- handers also tend to be overachievers, independent and determined.

If you have a left handed friend, refer this piece to her. Or the next time you meet a lefty then, notice the wonderful way of how he uses his hands. Or after reading this, try using your left hand for the everyday things you do - if you ask me, I always enjoy the attempt. 

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