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It’s a dream of every woman to have an outstanding relationship that she can be proud of. Getting into a relationship might not be that difficult but finding the right man may be. Look back at your own past experiences, where did you go wrong? When you hook up with the wrong guy, everything goes well in the start, only to fall apart later. Don’t blame yourself though; you weren’t the only person responsible!

Some women are so lucky in love so as to have that desired lifelong relationship. The unlucky ones find themselves searching for the perfect man. He need not be the perfect person but yes, he is certainly the one who has the power to make things perfect for you! So, finding Mr. Right in your life is very important and yes, it’s a difficult task for you.

People desire and wish for many things is life. Simplify things for yourself by prioritizing things. You must be clear about what you need and what you want. You might have dated some men who seemed just right for you but after you get to learn more, you might end up thinking if it's worth all the hassle.

Fantasy and reality are two different things. You may fantasize the sexy masculine Salman Khan or the gorgeous Orlando Bloom, but ladies; those aren’t the only qualities that help build a relationship! Only the tall, dark / fair and handsome description doesn't work here so, characterize your guy. The central key to a perfect relationship therefore, is your idea of a "Perfect Man". It's important that you have the idea of your "Mr. Right". Only then you can search for him among the thousands of faces.

We come across many people in life. He might have passed by you or you might have passed by him many times. You may even have spoken with him and but never realized that he could be your “Mr. Perfect”. How do you recognize your Mr. Right? You don't have any idea? Don't worry. There's no any hard and fast rule that determines how to recognize your “Mr. Right”. Just think why you would want to be in a relationship with someone and what you want from that relationship.

It's more than just finding a man. It's about finding a love that lasts. It's equally important that you consider other things before you jump into the laws of attraction. Before the game of attraction, picture yourself with him first. Imagine you and him sharing that deep sense of connection with each other and knowing with absolute certainty that he is the one with whom you want to share your rest of the life with.

No one has that magic wand to bring your Mr. Right into your life. It's up to you to decide what you want from a relationship and what you want in your life. There are no hard and fast rules that’ll help you identify your "Perfect Man". You’ll just have to know yourself and what you want. It might take time to meet your Mr. Right, but then again the pleasure is all in the waiting.

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