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The damsel and the weather


-Arati Gurung


Everyone's coughing up a fever these days. I have been doing the same for the last couple of days and believe me it's not heaven. Just because you get to sleep all day and night, with food served in bed, doesn't mean its fun. When you don't even have the energy to watch Salman Khan dance topless on television, you know you're at the bottom of boringville.


How did I get into it in the first place? I stopped carrying an umbrella because it creates this huge bulge in my trendy little bag and just ruins the whole style. So I ended up acting out romantic Bollywood scenes in the rain and then another such scene in the scorching sun the very next day. Repeat the scene come rain or shine and what you get is a sick person – in all terms.


Oh and did I tell you I started dressing like one of those skimpy girls on television? Although I don't have the body to carry off such flimsy, sorry that's filmy wear, I did have the confidence and my friends cheered me into wearing them. I got a lot of looks from people, both men and women; everyone flashed their 32's at me. Now I understand why.


While in the routine of carrying out what I see on TV, I also let myself loose while sitting behind him on his motorbike. I inhaled all the dust, pollution and smoke simply because I didn't want to look like a mobster with those masks that the traffic police wear. Now I have dry facial skin and pimples on my forehead. Don't even ask me what's going on with my throat.


At this moment, I am in bed; my eyes have carved deep black holes in my face and my running nose tells me how bad I stink. I wish I could have the chicken chilly that's cooking for dinner tonight, instead of the porridge that literally glares at me.


You must be thinking I got what I deserved, but hey, I was just doing what I saw the thousands of young ladies today do. I wanted to be a part of the hip and happening crowd, can you blame me for trying?

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