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Where has all the love gone?

Do you remember the time you were a newly wed blushing couple? The last time you felt glad to be married? Those were the time when you blamed everyone whoever told you that marriage was a thing made in hell. Today, after years of living as husband and wife, you begin to wonder where those days silently vanished into. Where has all the love gone to? Has your love been distributed to your children so that you feel less for each other? The love may still be there but may have been buried deep into the pile of work and responsibilities that kept the two of you busy. All you need to do is to take some time to unearth the love that remains buried due to neglect.

You know you still love your spouse but haven’t expressed it for one reason or the other. Take no more excuses from yourself. Show your spouse that you’re still into him/her and rekindle the flame. Here are the basics for some “Us” time.

Look Good:

Just because your six-pac has been replaced by a beer belly and your hairline is receding at an alarming rate, doesn’t mean you can’t try looking good for your spouse. Glamour and dress up yourselves for each other. 


Remember the good old times when you tried to win her over with all that compliments? Well, do that again. A woman should also let her man know that she still approves of him and his efforts.

Get romantic:

Get back to giving each others those shy glances and sweet nothings. Hug and hold each other. Go out at least once a week and make a big deal of it. Like as if the two of you were still dating. Just because you are married with kids doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic!


Set aside time to do some talking, preferably when the kids have gone to bed. Talk about your day or anything that’s on your mind. Make an agreement on not to get annoyed. Realize that this is more of a session to get each other closer, to strengthen your bond.

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