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Torturous reading

Reading can be lots of fun if you find the subject and the writer's writing style interesting. However as students or working professionals you may come across books that you find rather dull. The worst part of it is that you have to read it, understand it and use it. There is no other way round!

How can one read a book as uninteresting as chemistry or law? The trick is to discipline yourself. Here are some guidelines you may follow to tackle a boring book.

Get the book you need to study and open it. That may be hard for some people. Some people just don’t make the effort to get started! Choose a calm and silent place to start reading.

Sit at a desk or sit on the floor or wherever you feel comfortable enough. Remember though, their may not be such a thing as the perfect place. Don’t read it laying down- especially not on your bed. You don’t want to fall asleep this time.

Open up to the table of contents. Get an idea of what the book offers. Look for the topic you have to read. If you have to read the whole book, you might want to start with a topic you might find a bit more interesting than the others. That should help you get rolling.

While reading, you may come across some rather difficult words. Mark them and check them out later. If you start looking for the meaning of every other word, it will only disrupt your momentum. As a result, you’ll get nowhere.

You may start with half an hour of studying at first. Try to concentrate as fully as possible. Then you may take a break. Take a walk to refresh your self but do not stay in front of the TV. After a break, return to your book. With continuous devotion a boring book need not be intimidating.

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