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Promotion Scare

You’ve always wanted that promotion. You’ve work hard at it so you deserve it, you may think. When you finally get that promotion however you may find it pretty tough to handle. You got that ego boost and income raise you wanted but you never realized what a struggle it could be. Swamped with work you just don’t know how to cope with all that newly found work pressure. Is there a way you could handle all this pressure without exploding?

Moments of doubt begin to rise inside your mind. Am I really capable of doing all this? First of all, erase all your doubts. You are worth this new position. The company’s authority promoted you because they found you worth it. You were the best man for the job.

However this new position will require you to learn new things, not only in work but also in character. You have to learn a lot and learn fast. You can’t do so if you don’t have belief in yourself.

A good way to handle all this newly heaped work and responsibility is to prepare for it. Make a list of all you have to do each day and keep it somewhere where you can see it everyday. Keep the activities in order of priority and complete them in that order one at a time. Add to the list when necessary.

Your boss believes in you, other wise he wouldn’t have given or agreed with your promotion. You can consult with your boss once in a while to check up on your progress and on suggestions on how you can be a better performer. If you don’t understand your purpose or what is expected of you, ask your superiors. If you need help than ask for it.

Your boss will be glad to know how much seriously you take your work. The boss will prefer it if you came to him asking for help at the beginning rather than if you came later with a pile of errors.

If you can realize what it is that you are expected to do and are able to complete them in time, your new job will be as comfortable as your old one. The transition period can be difficult to cope with at first. Get yourself prepared with the help of others and grow into this newly acquired status. Within the next few months you will start to feel pretty much at home with your new position. Then you’ll look back and wonder why you were worried in the first place.

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