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Fragments of memories – Scrapbooks 

Scrapbooking makes a wonderful hobby. For those who want to take up a hobby, scrapbooking would be a great choice. Whether you are a young teenager or an older person, scrapbooking can prove to be fun and entertaining. Using pictures and other printed materials, scrapbooks are a great way to preserve your memories in style. A scrapbook serves like an album, but the main difference is that a scrapbook is designed and filled with the hobbyist own themes, decorations and words.

For those who like taking a lot of pictures and haven’t given scrapbooking a thought, I’d say ‘think again!’ Take it up as a hobby and you’ll be rewarded as “Walking down a memory lane” will have a whole new meaning.

You can start with the pictures you have now and start recording, or you can also work backwards and recreate history. As a beginner, it is advised you use a scrapbook with removable pages. If you mess up, you can always get rid of it. It also allows you to add pages.

While making your scrapbook you should have some tools ready. Keep a 12 inch blade or sharp scissors to cut/ crop pictures. Adhesives to be used should dry fast. For this Glue stick or glue pen should be perfect. Markers and pens should be permanent, fast drying and photo safe.

Decorate your scrapbook as you wish. You can add stickers and the likes to it. Create themes to suit your mood or memory. Write down quotes or words that’ll best describe your thoughts at the moment the picture was taken. To spark up the mind, use varieties of colors.  

You can always get ideas from the work of others. You can also get artistic and creative ideas from other artistic works like paintings, photographs, magazines and so on. Also take note of the wordings and phrases you find useful. Take notice which color combinations work well. You also have the internet at your disposal to help you with this.

Scrapbooking is all art and the more creative you are, the better your work will be. Don’t get discouraged if your first work doesn’t come out that good. With practice and experience your creations will become better. 

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