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Wine: drink it in style!

Ever wondered what those snooty goras do while drinking wine? Why do they put that long nose of theirs into their wine glasses? Is it because their nose got in the way? Ha ha, okay let’s cut the joke right there and get to the main point.

Drinking wine at parties is a sophisticated thing to do. Getting drunk on it is another matter. It’s not necessary that you swirl and sniff the liquor before drinking it. Anyhow it is to go into your stomach and into your veins, but it’s cool to know how to do the rituals, even though you can’t actually distinguish one thing from the other!

Here is the secret to drinking wine in style. It doesn’t hurt to pretend you know more than the other guy!

The wine glass should be filled to only one third of its fill. If the wine is served chilled, hold the wine glass by the stem and avoid touching the bowl. If the wine is served at room temperature, hold the wine glass between your two middle fingers so that the bowl rests comfortably in the cup of your hand.

Wine is not only about taste. It’s also about looks and aroma. After you’ve picked up the glass, hold it against a white surface. For this reason hosts usually use a white linen cloth to cover their tables while serving wine. Also for this very same reason, wine should be served in colorless glasses. Take a good look at the wine and note its color. The younger the wine, the clearer it will appear. If it appears cloudy, it means something is wrong.

The reason why a wine glass should be only partially filled and why the glass has such a bulbous shape (wide at the middle with slightly tapering ends) is so that the wine doesn’t spill while swirling it. To swirl wine, rotate your wrists slightly so that the wine swirls gently in the bowl. You do this to release the smell contained in it. The classic move comes next. Elegantly bring the glass under your nose. Inhale the aroma of the wine. Savour the smell. Repeat it once more.

The final step is to sip the drink. Wines are meant to be sipped and not swigged. Take a small sip and roll the wine on your tongue for a couple of seconds or so before letting it slide down your throat. Take another thoughtful sip before continuing with your conversation.  

There, that is the way to sip your wine in style. Walk in style, talk in style and drink in style.

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