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Meeting the deadline

Are you one of those employees who have problems with finishing a given job on time? Ever had to work extra time to meet a deadline? If you’re always doubtful of yourself whenever your boss hands you a task with a deadline, you are definitely going to need some help. This article might help you. If you’re not rushing at your work right now, read it and try.

First things first. Set yourself a deadline. If your boss gives you one himself, divide that time so that you’ll be able to finish your work and also revise it. Before you set out to work, you should know when to finish your job.

If the deadline seems too impossible, you should consult the authorities or companies concerned. You should have enough reason to why you will not be able to meet the deadline though. If you cannot reach an agreement on the extension of the deadline, make it clear that you’ll have to compromise on quality. That way the concerned party will not be much offended to get a lower than expected work.

Get started with your work at once. Make a list of the things you have to do and collect all the necessary information you will need. If you have to get together a group of people or the use the help of the different departments in an organization, make sure that they understand the necessity of the meeting the deadline. If the time at hand is short, you should get the help of those other staff members who you have worked with previously and have achieved good results.

Make a detailed outline of the things that you’ll have to do in your task. For example if you have to write a report then make a list that describes the whole thing step by step. This outline will help you establish the whole structure of your report.

Make use of past tasks that have been already completed as a model. With a tight time schedule you can not risk making a new model. Taking a report for example again, writing one on something similar that has already been done is easier and faster than starting from scratch.

When working, always keep in mind the larger picture of what you want. Don’t get caught up in the details of the project. Doing so will make things less smooth and you’ll end up missing the time limit.

As the work progresses, keep an eye to whether you are on schedule or not. If you’re not on schedule, make accommodations to the project by cutting out on some less important details if you have to. Keep planning and organizing as you go along.

Take some time to refresh yourself. A tired mind will not work effectively. Take a stroll or nap or whatever is required to get you fresh again. Working on a drained out mind will cause you to make careless mistakes.

When your job is finished, make a quick revision of the work. Get help from the others if possible.     

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