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Oranjeboom Crity Awards 2063

Photo Gallery 1

Photo Gallery»

Event: Crity Award 2063
Date: 15 June, 2007
Location: Hotel Yak & Yeti
Organiser: Advertising Agency Association of Nepal (AAAN)
Sponsor: Oranjeboom Beer

Captured by: Kabindra Man Shakya (eNasha.com)


Winners of Oranjeboom Crity Award 2063
Best Jingle Maker
Welcome Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Active Perl Shampoo  Mr. J. B. Bista
Best Animated TVC
Business Advantage Laxmi Bank Mr. Jitendra Bikram Shah & Mr. Niraj Thapaliya
Best Art Director
Prisma Advertisement Mero Mobile (1 Hr. Talk) Prisma Team
Best Print Ad.
Business Advantage Pvt. Ltd. NBI  
Best Scriptwriter TVC
Advertising Avenues Kumari Bank Mr. Abhaya Panday
Best Ad. Agency
Prisma Advertisement    
Best Outdoor
Max Pro Oranjeboom  
Best Commercial Photographer
Business Advantage Pvt. Ltd. Jolly Mr. Raj Bhai Suwal 
Best TVC Editor
Prisma Advertising Mero Mobile (Launch) Mr. Jitendra / Mr. Niraj
Best Copywriter Print
Business Advantage Social (NBI) Mr. Santos Poudel
Best Commercial Campaign
Spectrum Advertising Safety  
Prisma Advertising Mero Mobile  
Best Jingle
Welcome Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Active Pearl Shampoo  
Best TVC
Welcome Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Shalimar Cement  
Best Camera Person TVC
Advertising Avenues Nepal Ltd. Nepal Telecom (Part 1) Mr. Bidur Panday
Best Director TVC
Advertising Avenues Nepal Ltd. Nepal Samachar Parta (Ma Hu) Mr. Avaya Panday
Best Radio Spot
Welcome Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. HP Milcy  
Best Event Management
Everest Event & Exhibition Crity Award 2062  
Vogue Ad.& Event Management Shikhar Music Tour  
Best Lyricist
MARS Pv. Ltd. Dalit  Mr. Ravi Shrestha
Most Popular TVC
Prisma Advertising Mero Mobile (1 Hr. Talk) Prisma Team

Glimpses of Crity Award

Welcome to the world of Advertising, welcome to  Crity  Awards

Oranjeboom standing tall 

Local awards with local  touch

Welcome Abroad to the world of advertising

The night had just begun" President, Vice President and General secretary of AAN making sure everything is on its place

The stage where efforts are honored.

Ah! there are some empty chairs. Passes to Crity were at scarce

Ragini appreciating a different form of art, the art of advertising

A little bit of this! A little bit of that. Some dancing for a change

A little bit of this! A little bit of that 2. Some dancing for a change

Rachana Sharma Gurung and Binod Raj Gyawali

Abhaya Pandey receiving the award for best director TVC

  Jitendra, Santosh, Neeraj and Mahendra Sherchan

All the awards are welcome, J B Bista receiving the award

"And the winner is" Kailash Sirohiya announcing the winner

Spectrum receiving the award

"Shiny Happy People" Prisma Advertising Team

"I think they are doing a good job"

Welcome Advertising team

Ayesha Poudel adding up the the excitement with her "latka and jhatka"

Raj Bhai Suwal "Come to my studio, I have more of these"

Arunima watch your food, you might add up some pounds"

Rabi Shrestha and his folks

Bhaskar Rajkarnikar and Madhu Pradhan

Dipinti Karki (Avenues Television) with her husband Suraj Koirala (Qatar Airlines)

Black Magic Women. Poojna Pradhan


More photos in Gallery 2 and Gallery 3

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