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The Dream Man


-Arati Gurung

 If I may speak for women in general, this is the kind of man we want. A man…

  • who can get along well with children, without completely ignoring our presence.
  • who can plan a special day, from shopping to a movie to making dinner or dinner reservations.
  • with an apron on is irresistible! We're crazy for men who help out with the housework.

  • who can sing beautiful songs to us without getting lost into the song.
  • who loves your friends as much as you do.
  • who knows when to joke and when not to.

  • who finds us beautiful even when we're not really 'dressed up'. 
  • who holds us when we cry.
  • whose smell takes your breath away.
  • in whose arms you can get lost into. 
  • who can handle our emotions with grace and compassion. 
  • who will search for us amidst a busy room/party and send smiles and loving looks, even if you came to the party together and will be leaving together.
  • who can listen to us wholeheartedly, no matter what the topic.  
  • who chooses spending the day at home with us over a game with the guys. 
  • who has impassioned, informed opinions about women writers and women's issues.
  • who can distinguish between being polite and being wimpy.
  • who prefers our sweet innocence over everything else in the world.
  • who knows how to inscribe a card with a heartfelt, personal message. Or one who can give us a card with meaningful words.
  • who demonstrates respect for others by standing up when your mother comes to the table, giving up a seat on the bus for a pregnant woman, asking your dad for his opinion and really listening, etc.
  • who reaches out for our hand in a crowded street.
  • offers juice, soup and 'Tender Loving Care' when we're sick.
  • does the come-from-behind cuddle-hug, just to say hello.
  • remembers insignificant details, like our favorite color or flower, and makes use of that knowledge.
  • who are unfailingly polite to all members of the service industries.
  • offers us caresses and compliments for no particular reason.
  • who hugs us to sleep.
  • who still loves us for what we are when we wake up the next morning.

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