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Foot odor? Don't ignore it; read this.

For the last couple of days we've been talking a lot about foot care and nail care, I had to add in another strong article on foot odor after my little encounter just yesterday with the most horrible smelling feet in the world!

Here's how it all happened, one of my girl pals insisted I go along with her on a date she finally managed to score with this guy she had been talking about for days. It was a smooth sail until we stopped for lunch at a restaurant where we had to take off our shoes. Yes, you can imagine what happened next. With an excuse of going to the bathroom, my friend pulled me aside and exclaimed she couldn't take the smell any longer. I was relieved she noticed! The date was cut short. When I spoke to her this morning, she was telling me how stupid she felt for falling for someone whose feet smelt like hell. It wasn't her fault, how would one know until the person took off his shoes? I wonder if he knows?

The guy has a problem, and I wish someone would tell him; and this is my way of doing it. If he's reading this, he'll know this one's for him. And for everyone else who has smelly feet.

Foot odor happens for two main reasons; you wear shoes and your feet sweat. The interaction between perspiration and the bacteria that thrive in your shoes and socks generate the odor. The feet contain more sweat glands then any other part of the body (about 3,000 glands per square inch) and provide a ready supply of perspiration. Feet trapped inside shoes reach temperatures of 102 F. The perspiration moisture combines with the foot warmth to create fertile breeding gland for the bacteria that line on our skin. The bacteria produce isovaleric acid, a substance associated with foot odor and so the more the moisture, the more bacteria proliferate and the greater is the odor.

Meaning, if you prevent bacteria from accumulating, you can prevent foot odor. How is that done? Simple, bacteria can be kept at minimum by bathing your feet daily with luke warm water and mild soap. Change your socks everyday and always check for fungal infections between your toes. Do not apply lotion between your toes, as it can lead to fungal skin infections. Wear cotton socks, stay away from nylon socks and plastic shoes. Leather and canvas shoes are the best as they let your feet breathe. Also do not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Warning: wearing shoes without socks is not only unhygienic; it's also a fashion disaster.

Inspite of all this care, if your feet still smell, use foot powder that help kill bacteria and give out a fresh smell. There's also a simple home remedy: soak your feet in strong tea for 30 minutes or until the water cools down. Doing this for a week will kill the bacteria and also close the open pores.

There are various foot care products in the market, depending on your feet need. Remember your feet carry the weight of your entire body and admit it – it is one of the most abused and least cared for parts of your body. Take care of it as you would your face, from moisturizers to sunblocks, give it the ultimate treatment and count on it to never let you down.

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