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eNasha.com launches 5 New Sections

eNasha.com has launched five new sections in the website. The new sections includes news, bikes , buy and sell , whats going on and you speak.

This is our another big step to make eNasha 'the big portal', the all encompassing portal which will cater to every need of visitors.

Each new section has been made intersting and practically useful hoping it will give our visitors more reasons to stay with us for longer period of time.

1. News

eNasha.com gives to you the latest happening of the country, to keep you informed and updated. This is a combined effort of our news partner onlinekhabar.com

2. Buy and Sell [Link to Section]

Buy and sell is an Online Market, enabling trading on a local, national and international basis. Buy and sell offer an online platform where items are traded each day. The posting of advertisement is free of cost just register and sell your products at 1-2 easy steps.

3. Bikes [Link to Section]

This section consist of the complete database all the bikes available at the local market  with localized information. Now you can do you initial survey before buying your dream machine.

4. Whats Going On

This section gives you the latest happening in the city. It help you get informed and helps you get to places you can go everyday

5. You Speak [Link to Section]

You speak is a platform for our viewers to express their feelings on a particular issue. eNasha.com put forward some important issues that directly and indirectly affects our city life.

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