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Humor up

How important is it to have a fun environment in a workplace? The answer may differ according to managers and the management teams. Most coworkers however agree with each other on what a toll work stress can have on their work and health. In a work place that often lights up in giggles and bursts of laughter, workers find themselves more energetic and productive. A good laugh can bring people together, thus developing a sense of comrade in between workers.

Humor isn’t costly and laughter is free. We all have heard of the saying “laughter is the best medicine”. Humor not only drives away the blues but also has its benefits physically and psychologically. And its effect is visible on our performance, our personality and our capability to work as a team.

Lack of humor in a workplace can cause ones mind to stagnate. As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. A humorous environment helps us replace our tired emotions with rekindled feelings of happiness. You cannot be sad and humored up at the same time. If you’ve ever noticed, when we joke and laugh about, we tend to open up more with others. We become more expressive. A single instance brings about a personality change for the better. Imagine what such sessions every day would do. Sharing jokes and laughing with others in your office helps bridge the gaps between each other. As a result a sense of belonging and unity grows within everyone. The office becomes more of a home and the staff family members. When tired with stress, a good laugh can lift those weights from your shoulders. Some more and you’ll relocate that energy that had been avoiding you. Next thing you know you’ll be raring to go! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you will find the toiling easier.

You can help others and most importantly yourself to a better work environment, better state of mind and better you by spreading humor around. A poster of a favorite comedian or cartoon character with a humorously encouraging message can do wonders. Learn a few jokes to share with the others. Share fun talk with the coworker next to you. Use your lunch time to get together and laugh away the stress.

However remember to avoid insensitive jokes and remarks. Just as good humor can build up a work place, a bad one can break all that.

So humor up already!

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