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Postures: Influencing the oppsite sex 

Communication is the foundation of all relations. Good communication leads to good relations. There are many ways to communicate with others, and one of that is through body posture. For those people who have their Friday nights planned with checking out potential mates, make your session this week a little more promising.

Learn to communicate with your posture.

Keep an eye on your targets body posture and make your moves accordingly. Depending upon his/her posture and signs of interest you may have to change your postures too. It always pays to be a good communicator.

If the opposite persons whole attention is towards you, she will be facing towards you, both with her face and body. Postures that sign boredom like tapping of fingers on a surface impatiently, resting head on hands and finding it hard to maintain a posture are some other signs that your efforts are not working. 'Closed' postures with arms folded and legs tightly crossed indicate disagreement or dislike. If things don’t improve, switch cars before things get worse!

However if the other person has some interest in you, he/she may show some good signs like adopting an open body posture, leaning closer and a comfortable posture. Sometimes an interested recipient of interest will start copying the postures of the giver, usually unknowingly. You may convey your interest by intentionally copying such postures if it is possible, as some postures are only suitable to a single sex. Interested guys may adopt postures that show their dominance and increase their size whereas interested females may show their interest by taking more feminine posture that highlight their figure and hotspots or reduce their size. If you get any of these signals, it’s okay to switch gears!

Just as the expressions on your face can tell what and how you are feeling, your body posture can also give off signs of your feelings. If you didn’t know that, keep that in mind because the next time you fake facial expression, you should keep in mind to support it with a suitable body posture!

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