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Help your child take medicine

Anyone who has toddlers at home know what a fever they can give you when they have to take their medicine. By the time your child swallows medicine, you’re left wishing for a tablet of your own.

You can’t blame them for many of the medicines taste as bad as the paper they’re wrapped in. When regular food is so difficult to get down their throats, tablets and pink liquids create havoc. For those of us who need help, here are a few things experts suggest to get your little one to gulp down her medication.

Go numb: Give your child an icy candy or ice chips to numb her taste buds before she takes the yucky drug.

Give her a chaser: Get rid of a nasty aftertaste with a strong flavored food or drink, like mint.

Mixing drinks: Ask your doctor if it’s safe to mix a medicine with a small amount of food or drink.

Be a leader: If you’re on medication, try taking your vitamin pills at the same time as your child, so she can follow your lead.

Know your options: If your child can’t or won’t swallow pills, ask your doctor if the medicine is available in a liquid form.

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