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Earning respect from your co- workers

We all have one thing in common. That is the need to feel important, the want to be respected. We all want to be respected, to be admired and to be looked up to. One place where we find this need most suppressing is in our workplace, the place where we are surrounded by our friends and competition rolled into one – coworkers. Getting respect from ones coworkers is an important force that motivates us to develop as an efficient individual. Besides without the respect and support of ones coworkers, it is impossible to achieve greater heights. Here are some things worth remembering when it comes to trying to win your coworkers respect.

People will respect you only if you respect others. Be more appreciative and respectful in your speech and actions.

Do not bad mouth and talk behind the backs of others. Give your honest opinion about others if asked, but don't make a secret about it. If you have any problem with a certain person, resolve it with the person in a civilized way.

Have a positive attitude. A person with a positive attitude is influential. And you will have people looking up to you.
Everybody loves a winner. Know what it is that you want and strive to achieve that goal. The more closer you get the more respect you will earn.

Do not lie, if possible and keep your promises. A person who makes promises which he can’t keep is very annoying and let down others.

Take credit for your work. If you’ve done something good let others know about it with out bragging. Similarly if you’ve done some mistake accept your fault. Show the signs of a responsible person.

Lastly, respect yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, soon no one will.   

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