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Library, Books and Babes

-Arjun Gurung

“Excuse me”, a melodious voice asks me from behind.
I turn around to face the source. It’s a pretty girl with curly hair.
“Is that ‘Never love a stranger by Harold Robbins?’” she points to the book in my hand.
“Uh, yeah, it is ”, I reply with a face that is barely able to conceal my excitement.
“I’ve been looking for that all…”
“Shhhhhhhhhhhh!” the irritated librarian interrupts us.
We look at each other and walk out outside on the balcony to continue.

I love visiting the library. It’s nice, pleasant and silent and has its share of female visitors. And reading a book or two isn’t so bad either!

Let me tell you why I think a Library is a good place to meet the opposite sex.

1.    People who visit libraries are more intellectual, creative, romantic and
better conversationalists.
2.    You can know the type of woman you’re heading after and her interests by the kinds of books she chooses.
3.    Another great thing about meeting in libraries is that you aren’t allowed
to talk. This could be a lifesaver for those who find breaking the ice difficult. A smile and a few hushed words will get the ice cracking.
4.    Unlike a shopping mall, choosing a book takes time – so the both of you
have plenty of time to chat.
5.    Big and tough guys seldom accompany their girl to the library.
6.    You can talk to about Steele, Sheldon or Robbins and let these guys open
the door to her heart for you.
7.    A bestseller in hand is worth a cute puppy on a leash or a baby in a pram. It’ll attract women!
8.    Maybe there’s a girl you like in your class, you could always suggest that you let her help her in her book reports or projects. Then you can work at two things at once in the library!
9.    Who ever said only geeks visit libraries? Hang around the ‘romance’ and ‘magazine’ sections and find out the truth. Besides beauty is skin deep.
10.    Also, a library is a
good place to get some books and expand your intellectual horizon.

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