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Weather. Whether. Weather.

-Arati Gurung

You can’t be too sure about the weather these days; it seems to be just as perplexed as everyone else in this country.

It’s sunny in a moment and there’s light showers the next. You think you can handle the few drops and so walk out confidently without an umbrella smiling at yourself for being so smart for not having to carry a heavy bag. It begins to pour but you keep walking, then there’s lightening and of all the places you never imagined you’d meet your ex under the New Road gate, wet and soggy. Oh how you can’t stop swearing at yourself.

You think that’s horrible? Imagine it’s raining cats and dogs but you have to go out for work, so you just flip on a drab old top and the pants you’d been thinking of throwing away. You talk yourself into it by saying it’s going to get muddy anyway. But then the sun shines like it’s your birthday and you end up looking like a bag lady among the hundreds of well dressed people in the street. Then the guy you’ve been eyeing for week’s notices you for the first time and also sees you scurry off another direction. Oh how you won’t stop swearing at everything that comes your way for the rest of the day, maybe even the rest of the week, maybe even the whole month.

Or imagine slogging around sopping wet sneakers or leather shoes even when there’s not a cloud in the sky. Ha. Ha. Ha.

You must’ve heard that saying that goes ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’. There’s another one saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. And there’s plenty more of similar ones which I can’t think of right now (because I’m trying to remember where I put my umbrella).

Anyway the main thing is, just because the sun is out or the clouds have caved in, don’t be too certain. It’ll be safe not to determine the weather by how it looks; you never know what can fall from up there.

Here are a few points to keep note of for a happier you irrespective of how the wind blows (or doesn’t blow at all).

  •  At all times : CARRY AN UMBRELLA (or a raincoat depending on how you travel)
  • PVC sandals and slippers do a swell job. Keep a formal shoe in your office rack for important meetings.
  • Avoid jeans as they can be a pain in the ‘leg’ when the rain hits on it.
  • Apply water proof mascara and makeup to avoid adding to the pollution.
  • Shorts and capri’s make a good option for this season.
  • Avoid transparent wear.
  • Try to carry thin sweaters or jumpers incase it gets too cold.
  • Keep it sensible and stylish no matter what the weather.

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