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Fighting Weekend Blues: Getting back to the office

-Arjun Gurung


Getting back to your office after spending a nice weekend can be a real downer – especially if your office is a small cubicle. You hardly manage to get out of bed and when you do arrive at work, you realize you’ve left your heart behind. The day slugs on and you can’t stop eyeing your watch. With the passing of every five minutes or so, a yawn escapes your mouth. You wonder how quickly time flies during the weekend and how it is hardly passing by at the moment.


Is it possible to get over this weekend blues? Is there any way to revive the spirit quickly? We have some pointers. Try them!


  1. Doing some office work on weekends may help. Take some work home for your weekends. That way you’ll still have your working spirit in you. It needn’t be much to ruin your day off from work, just enough to not let the flame extinguish.
  2. Reduce your work loads on Monday (or Sunday). Depending on when your office reopens, work less the amount you usually do. You can come to an agreement on this with your manager or boss. One way to achieve this is the one described on the first point.
  3. When you arrive at office, meet up with co –workers and take a few minutes to socialize. Working needn’t be so boring if you can have close friends besides you.
  4. Another way to fight of the weekend despair is save an interesting work for weekday one. An interesting project or task will help you find the working spirit again.
  5. Have something to look forward to. Plan to go out or have a nice evening at home or anything that’ll keep you optimistic throughout the day.

 These are some tips we could come up with. However the main idea is to remain positive and put the past behind you. Whatever helps you achieve all these is worth following. Have a great day at work!


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