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Keeping a handy tool box

-Arjun Gurung

Who says working around the house need be boring?

I take immense pride on being able to do the small chores around the house. Fixing a leak, repairing the grass cutter, cleaning the air filter of my bike and rewiring electrical appliances can be something interesting to do on a boring afternoon. Besides, being able to do things yourself is always an advantage. Don’t get me started there!

Every household should have a tool box handy – especially if it has a male member.

A handy tool box can be made of wood or be a small aluminum box. (Tins and irons might promote rusting.) Once you have that tool box, the next step is to equip it with your weapons. Here are a few tools every guy should have in his arsenal.

Hammer: A light weight hammer is a very useful tool to have. A hammer can be used to drive nails into walls for hanging pictures or stapling wires.

Screw drivers: Screw drivers, both flat headed and a Philips head screwdriver is essential. Keeping an assortment of different sized heads is a necessity for Do-It-Yourselfer’s.

Wrenches: To screw and unscrew nuts and bolts, wrenches make things easier. A wrench can come box ended or open ended and in various sizes. Keeping the whole range is recommended.

Pliers: Keep pliers handy to pull out those stubborn nails and staples. A plier with wire cutting edges is a better option.

Measuring tape: You never know when you might want to change your carpet or repaint your room. If you have a measuring tape in hand, you can make some decisions by yourself on the spot. A 25 foot measuring tape will do for your household.

Wire cutters: For cutting those tough wires, a wire cutter can get better results than your average scissors or blades. Wire cutters are also a better option than pliers when it comes to cutting wires.

Nails and screws: Keeping a collection of different sized nails and screws in store always comes handy.

Sand paper: Sandpaper can be used from cleaning out rust or smoothing surfaces. By keeping some sandpaper in your tool box, your job will become smoother!

Hand Saw: You think you might not need it, but it is very resourceful. Suppose you want to cut that over hanging branch in your lawn, or your spouse suddenly wants a bird house?

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