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Decoding the Body Language of Attraction

The more kinds of languages you know, the better you can understand the people around you. There are over more than 6000 languages in the world but there is one common language that everybody uses. (Yes, even that cute person who you see every now and then.) That is the “Body language”. Reading the signals one gives through his/her body posture, you can decode the many secret messages being sent.

In case you didn’t know, body language is a form of communication that uses body movements or gestures instead of or in addition to other forms of communication. Facial expressions are also a form of body language.

Here are some common body languages you can look out for in your target person to realize if he/she is interested in you.

If a person is interested in you; he/she may signal the following body postures:



Eye contact: Probably the first sign of interest is the eye contact that a person makes with another. If from a distance your target makes eye contact, short ones at first and a little longer later, it is a sign of interest.
Lean forward: You can tell if a person is interested in you and your conversation if that person leans towards you. Leaning forward is a signal that the person wants to get closer to you and is paying attention to what you are saying.
Grooming: Grooming is the process of beautifying ones self to appear attractive. If your target grooms himself or herself in front of you, it is because he/she wants to look better for you. Tossing the head, fixing hair or cleaning a spec of dirt from the clothes are some examples of grooming.
Get closer: If a person starts standing closer to you, he/she is leaving the social space and entering your private space. The doors to getting intimate are getting opening!
Self caressing: If you manage to get a little further in attracting the other person, the other person may caress him/ herself. The person at this moment might be thinking of caressing you like that or wanting to be caressed in that way.
Touching: By establishing a physical contact, you have been invited to get involved. Signs of such physical touching may start as accidental brushing, playful touching and slapping and then progress to touching at non sexual parts like hands and arms.
Look for these signs the next time you go mate hunting. Play your cards right and you might emerge successful.  

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