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Deciding to go veggie?
What’s weird and cool at the same time? The answer probably is a non vegetarian turned into a vegetarian. It’s weird when a person you know refuses those tasty mouth watering momo’s when offered(and that too free!). On the other hand to just tell your friends that you quit meat cold turkey, is like so impressive. It’s no joke. It requires a lot of mental strength.

If you’ve always wanted to be vegetarian but have been always postponing it for one reason or another, here is an article that might help you get started. Or maybe the person you like is a vegetarian and you’d like to know him/her more (as a vegeterian).

  • First lets start with the different types of vegetarians.
  • A Lacto-ovo vegetarian eats no meat or fish but has eggs and dairy products included in his diet.
  • A Lacto vegetarian eats dairy products but excludes all meat products.
  • An Ovo vegetarian avoids all animal products except for eggs.
  • A Vegan or Pure vegetarian eats no animal products and dairy products. Their diet consists of mainly plant products. Many of them may also refuse to take honey as abstracting honey can kill bees.
Health wise vegetarians have a higher advantage than the non vegeterians. Some of the notable advantages of being a vegetarian are:

  • A vegetarian dish is lower in fat or saturated fat and hence the chances of a vegetarian getting a coronary artery disease is less.
  • Vegetarians have lower incidence of hypertension than non-vegetarians.
  • Lung and colorectal cancer is lower in vegetarians than in non-vegetarians.
  • Vegetarian dishes are low in cholesterol.
  • Following a vegetarian diet make you feel lighter, relaxed and spiritualized.
It can be real hard to quit meat all at once. To turn your dream of turning vegetarian into reality, take your change as a gradual process. Eliminate animal products one at a time in different stages. Be strong in your resolution. If you really mean it, then taking up some form of spiritual classes will help. And of course, all our best wishes are with you!

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