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How to turn down a guy
It’s a friday evening, and you are having a great time with your girlfriends. A couple of cute guys are also present in the bar. You’re eyeing them and expecting one of them to make the approach. However to your dismay, it’s some other guy who comes up to you and throws some of the most awful pickup lines you’ve ever heard of. How do you tell him to get lost without actually saying so? You don’t want to be the rude bitch and besides, word can travel fast. You certainly don’t want to shoo away the better ones!
Here are some ways you can tell him off, kindly.
  • Don’t delay in excusing yourself from the conversation. Make up lies if need be. Tell him you were waiting for someone else, or that you have a boyfriend, or tell him that you must join your friends and then disappear into the crowd.
  • Mentioning you have to go the washroom may help if the guy is smart enough. Otherwise he might just decide to hang around till you come back. From there you have two options, to either wait it out in the washroom or avoid meeting him for the rest of the evening. So be careful when using this excuse.
  • Have it prearranged with a friend to help you in such times of distress. Signal your friend a ‘Save My Soul’ sign. If she’s not engaged with another guy, she’ll come to the rescue.
  • You can help the guy save some face and say that you are flattered but not interested.
  • Use body languages to let him you are not interested - like avoiding eye contact and looking the other way while you answer him half heartedly.
  • Some men are either dumb or arrogant, if he can’t get the message, you’ll have to be rude. He asked for it!
  • Even then if he keeps pestering you, you can always use a little muscle. Ask the bouncer to help you.
Ladies, we hope you find this article informative but also hope you’ll never have to use it. Amen!     

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