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5 kinds of friends to avoid

Friends are people with whom you share your time and depending on the degree of closeness, your secrets too. But as people have different characteristics, you should be aware of whom you are friends with. A good friend is supportive and will help you achieve greater heights in life. A bad friend on the other hand can simply infect you and bring you down. Some types of friends you should avoid or be aware of are:
The Blamer/ Complainer: The blamer doesn’t take responsibilities for his actions. Instead he blames you and the others for his miserable position. The complainer is always complaining about almost everything. Instead of working on solving it, this person would rather enjoy picking out the negative aspects. These types of friends are not only irritating but also a negative influence on your outlook towards life.
The Dependant friend: These friends not only keep pestering you for financial help or favors, but some of them even tend to seek your advice or guidance for emotional support. Tending to such dependant friends too much leaves you broke both financially and emotionally.
The put down friend: The put down friend has the habit of shaming you every time the two of you are in front of others. This is actually a disrespectful and insensitive act on his part. Some of the ways this person manages to put you down is by cutting you off while you are taking, scold or advise you in front of others, or laugh at your ideas.
The Arguer: The arguer seems to find the urge to argue on everything you say. No matter what the topic, the arguer will find ways to disagree. Eventually what started as a conversation turns out to be a monologue.
The rumormonger: This friend enjoys talking behind your back, or that of anyone else. The person may be inclined to this activity because he loves the attention it brings him or makes him look better than you in comparison.
These are the types of friends you can do better without. Make sure that neither you nor your friends fall in these categories.  

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