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How to dress for success.

-Arjun Gurung

Success comes to those who grab the opportunity and work at it, and opportunity comes to those who dress up for it. Be it in work or in love, the above statement holds true. Even before you open your mouth, people will have already made a decision on you. If that decision is against you, you’ll have twice, or maybe even thrice a hard time trying to reverse that decision. So how can you dress yourself for success? We give you some pointers.

    1. Develop an attitude to look better than the rest. If you can stand out of the crowd be that in a meeting or a group photo, you will grab everyone’s attention.
    2. Dressing expensive won’t mean much if it doesn’t suit you. Wearing properly fitted clothes is what you want.
    3. Wear clothes that compliment your looks. Taking into consider your complexion, built and hair color, mix and match colors that will bring out the best in you.
    4. Wear shoes that go well with what you wear. It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes he wears. Worn out soles or scuffed edges really sabotage things.
    5. Accessories yourself with a few rings, a watch or a necklace. Most people tend to over do this. The rule is to keep it few and simple. You don’t want to be a walking showcase of accessories.
    6. Dress for the occasion. It’s okay if you dress informal at a normal party, but will not do if it’s a meeting. Dress as you are expected to.
    7. Poise:  Now that you’ve got all the things in order, you must remember to poise yourself accordingly. That stripped suit and shiny shoes won’t do you much good if you are going to slouch in a corner of the room.

Well, these are the tips we could come up with. Follow it and notice the changes it brings for you in the eyes of others.

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