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Common lies women tell their men

Who says only men lie? Women do lie too.

Here are some lies a woman may tell her man.

“Nothing’s bothering me”: The more hurt a woman feels, the more she’s going to avoid opening up to you. If she’s silent and the corners of her lips droop, ask her what’s bothering her. If she replies “nothing”, you’ll have to have a heart to heart talk with her. She might be building pressure inside her, so, the sooner you talk about it the more good it’ll do you.

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry”: If you’re not married, she’ll lie so as not to show her voracious appetite and scare the Loktantra out of you. If you are married, she lies because her mothering instinct has taken over and would like you to eat your fill, even if it means there’s none left for her.

“You're the perfect husband / boyfriend”: The truth is there are a dozen things she’d like to change in you every other minute, but after a lot of experience with you; she knows it’s better if she starts with a few positive compliments. After being called the “Perfect husband / guy”, you’ll be on the best of behavior to meet her expectations.

“I prefer an honest answer”: That is a dangerous trap any guy can fall into. “Do I look fat?”, “Do you find her attractive?” or “Do you really think it’s my fault or hers?” No matter how much she bats her eye lashes and tries to lure you into an honest answer, be advised, she would rather prefer a lie.

“I love your mother”: Yeah, yeah and you and her father get along real well. She says this just to get on the good side of the both of you. Either you can live with this lie or tell her it's okay if she doesn’t like your mother. But don’t you ever tell her that her old man drives you nuts!

“I love sports, and I enjoy exercising”: By this she means she digs David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo’s rippling muscles or the pretty dresses those tennis players wear in the WTA. Exercising? She means she’s slim because she diets. Guys, women who actually love sport are rare. If you’ve got one, register her.

“Umm, it’s nice..”: You buy her a birthday gift or you ask her what she thinks of your new shirt. If she thinks it over a while and answers –“it’s nice”, that means she hasn’t found any kinder words or the heart to deflate your balloon.

“I don’t care whether you have enough money or not”: She says this so as not to discourage you from wooing her until it’s time to marry. But when its time for the wedding bells to ring and you are still broke and jobless, she’s going to have her sights fixed on some greener pastures. This is nothing rude, she’s just looking for a guy who can provide for her and her family.

“No, the dinner is on me”: When its time to pay for that dinner you two just had, she offers to pay for it. If she’s casual in her ways, she’s only being polite. Unless she’s persistent about it, she actually expects you to pay for it. Even then, play it safe by going dutch.

“I don’t lie”: Well, I guess we’ve just proven it to you that women do lie. So you know better than to believe her when she says she doesn’t lie.

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