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8 things to do during a thunderstorm

-Arjun Gurung

What should you do during a thunderstorm? Should you just stay put inside or should you go out and challenge your fate? We give you some ideas on what to do, to take our advice or not is up to you. Hey! That rhymes!

  1. If you suspect a thunderstorm later in the day, to confirm your hunch, tune into Radio Nepal weather news. If it predicts clear blue skies, grab your umbrella before you get out.

  2. Guys, keep a jacket handy. With girls wearing skimpy tops in summer, you’ll get to offer one your jacket. You might just get lucky and end up with her number. However, we don’t suggest you trade your jacket for a number! Remember to get your jacket back!

  3. Go to the top of a building, open a big golf umbrella, run against the wind and jump off. Shout “Naya Nepal Jindabad” as you do so.

  4. Better still, girls, wear a skirt and run against the wind and boys, stay hidden in the bushes and let the storm blow away your mind!

  5. If you are studying in the evening when the storm hits, stop. Research conducted by one man has shown that power blackouts during the evening can cause severe damage due to bumping into objects in the dark. The guy is currently doing his 5th year in his masters.

  6. Lovers get romantic (or naughty) and dance in the rain like there’s no tomorrow. Hopefully, you’ll get struck by lightening and your dreams might just come true!

  7. If you’re uphill, like in Pulchowk and need to go downhill, like to Thapathali and it has just rained cats and dogs, invest in a small inflatable dinghy and float downstream. Nepal’s own water world!

  8. Sit next to the opposite sex. With all that electricity in the air, you can expect some high voltage sparks. The other person might never even find out that you don’t give off sparks on your own!

Warning: Follow these advices at your own risk.

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