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Groom your Room

-Arjun Gurung

Is your room a mess? Do you have to find spaces to land your feet when you walk into your room? Does it take forever to find a thing you were just using a moment ago? Is your bed always uncovered and ready to be slept in? Do you get nagged at the condition your room is in? If the answers are “Yes”, I’m sorry to say, your room is a terrible mess.

Yes, you aren’t a pig, and like everyone else you’d like to have a clean room too – but one look at the condition of your room is enough to make you give up. How can you clean up your room? And make sure it remains clean??

Here are a few steps to help you get that “Sungur ko Khor” label off your bedroom door.

  • Get someone to help you at first if you find the idea of cleaning the whole mess by yourself daunting.
  • Pile up all things into 3 categories. Make one pile of things that do not belong to you or your room. Another other pile of things that you’d like to actually get rid of (junk) and the third category of things that need to be reorganized.
  • Start with one part of the room and gradually move in one direction (clockwise or anticlockwise). This will make the task feel easier.
  • Now organize that third pile of stuffs. This does not mean that you just throw the whole lot into the closet, lock it and get rid of the key! Order them neatly, everything in their proper place.
  • Make your bed, vacuum clean or mop your floor, dust your room, wipe the windows and do your laundry. Don’t forget the clutter under your bed.
  • The next step is to continue cleaning everyday. A little cleaning every day will save you from the trouble having to break your back on a bigger cleaning task later on.
  • Add new stuff or bring changes into your room. Rearranging furniture or changing your curtains or adding a couple of pictures to your wall creates a fresh new outlook. That’ll encourage you to commit to keeping your room clean.
  • When you’ve accomplished a seemingly impossible mission, it’s time to celebrate. Reward yourself with something you enjoy.

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