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Philips VOIP841 - Internet Phone + Landline

By John Biggs
Published in New York Times: May 3, 2007

Luddites who have been afraid to make the leap to Internet calling can finally get a taste of the 21st century. The Philips VOIP841 acts as a standard landline telephone but can also make calls using the Internet phone service Skype, allowing a switch from Alexander Graham Bell to Buck Rogers in seconds.
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The phone, available for about $200 from major retailers, has two jacks, one for a regular telephone line and another for an Ethernet cable. The wireless handset uses Philips DECT technology to improve call clarity. To make an Internet call, the caller just scrolls through a list of Skype contacts — the phone holds up to 500 — and dials away. The call is routed over the Internet without the need to involve a computer.

The handset battery lasts for up to 12 hours of talk time and about 120 hours when not in use. Multiple base stations or handsets can be added to the system, allowing everyone in the house to hop on and make calls.

The phone even has separate rings for landline calls and Skype calls, so you’ll know which era is calling.

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