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How to approach a Woman?

Friday night, you decide to visit a bar in Thamel with a couple of friends. Tonight it’s going to be different you tell yourself, tonight you’re going to approach a few women and actually get a number or two. You and the guys seat your self at the bar and order a few drinks and eye the women around. You don’t have any idea of how you’re going to approach the women. You decide to think it out or let her make the approach. Minutes turn into hours and the alcohol level in your body rises till you can’t speak with out slurring. Then you guys decide to head back home. It’s been another futile visit to the bar.

How do you approach a woman? Do you simply ask for her name and address? Or do you pose as the movie / rock star that make women go weak in the knees? Or do you let the light glint off your Rolex and give her that “I’m your Sugar Daddy” look?

Well, it’s neither of those. Put on an act and you ruin your chances drastically. If you think you’re such a good actor, we suggest you try Hollywood!

Here are some cardinal rules to keep in mind the next time you approach a woman:

Forget about putting on an act: Unless the woman you’re approaching is new to all this stuff, acting is not going to work. Besides, even a woman new to the dating game may have experienced friends to guide her.

Be humorous: Humor is like a master key, it just about opens every door of opportunity with the women. Of course, most guys are gifted with the art of gab, but don’t fret, with some working on it you can also be just as good.

Be confident about yourself:  Yes, women dig that gold Rolex or Blue tooth, but without the confidence it’ll be like a silver saddle on an ass. Be confident in your strides and speech.

Dress the part: Most women look for a guy who’s above them or at equal in many things, one of them being “looks”. Groom yourself, make sure you or your breath doesn’t smell and your shoes shine. You can learn a little from the peacock!

Be observant: Observe the way she looks so you can compliment on the little things your competition overlooks. Also observe her body language for signals on the progress you are making. If she looks uninterested, change your topic or tactics.

Try these steps next time you make your move. It might take some time to get good results. In the mean time just enjoy.


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