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Why do men cheat on women?

Are Men Creeps?

When it comes to cheating in relationships, men seem to be more guilty of infidelity than their female counterparts. What makes men cheat on their women? Not only are men built differently but they also think differently from women. Some common reasons why men cheat are explained as follows:

Raised tough: Men are brought up to be tough macho guys. Our society defines machismo as being insensitive to the other people’s feelings and poking others where it hurts. A tough guy is a man’s guy and a sensitive guy is a sissy. Now with comparisons and labeling like that, you can’t blame the guys.   

Law of survival: From the majestic lions to the lowly toad, all of the species do it. A law of nature makes the males of every species want to sow their seeds in many places to ensure continuity of their genes. It’s all natural.

Women get boring after marriage: Most women seem to get tired of sex after some years of marriage. Men on the other hand don’t. From multiple times a day, the count decreases to once a month. So men tend to look for playgrounds where the game is still on.

The predatory instinct: Men have the hunting instinct, the instinct to select a prey from the herd and make a run for it. The chase gives him the thrill and if he does get hold of the prey, hey, he’s got to eat it!

The feeling of importance: In a man’s world, a player is looked up to as “successful”.  A big car, a mansion, plenty of money and a handful of women…are signs of having made it big.

The sense of being loved: Well, no matter how tough a guy may pretend to look on the outside, he still wants to feel loved. After years of marriage, men and women both cease to put in as much as effort into the relationship. If a guy feels his partner not being attentive enough, he gives himself the permission to seek that affection else where.

A too good offer to miss: Men are the weaker sex when it comes to free sex. When a tempting offer presents itself, men simply can’t resist. He thinks it’s a too good, once in a life time offer to miss. He knows two birds in the hand is worth more than one in the hand. He also knows he may feel real bad afterwards, but that’s still a long way off.

He is a creep: Some guys cheat because they are simply creeps. Like what crime is to a criminal, two timing his girl is to a creep. And no matter for whatever reasons you betray your girl, you’ll be branded a creep!

To sum it up, all men who cheat on their women are creeps!

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