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Drained out from within?

We all know the feeling of exhaustion. The time when we simply feel unable to do the smallest of things, those moments when we feel all drained out from within.

In our quest for a better and fulfilling life, we tend to give it our all – or at least our bosses make us. The physical burden is tough enough, but with some rest and exercise, we are able to minimize the impact. How about the mental strain we go through? In a country where health checkups are infrequent, visiting psychiatrists are practically non existent.

Here we list a few solutions to plug your emotional leak. See if they are of any help to you.

Live your own dreams: Most of us Nepali people tend to live up to the expectations of our parents and society. When we tend to live for others, it is hard to find the strength to carry on when things get tough.

Do something different for a change: Are you always following a same pattern? Do you always take the same way home? Has the paint in your room always been green? Try something new. Changes in even the smallest details in life can be pleasant and reenergizing.

Reward / Treat yourself:  A reward can be a great ego booster. Reward yourself when you’ve done something good, like buying yourself the new mobile phone you always wanted. Also set something to look forward to everyday, like a nice dinner with your love after work. That’ll make you positive to the struggles of the day.

Stop comparing: Competing with others and comparing yourself with others are two completely different things. One brings out the best in you whereas the other only brings misery. Stop comparing yourself with others!

Get rid of your problems: Face your problems, solve them or forget them - there’s no sense in worrying over problems. Worrying only worsens problems, they don’t solve them. Make a list of things that will help you achieve this goal.

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