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Gautam Buddha : Up Close!



Every year, on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti we talk about the Buddha's wisdom, knowledge and his path of enlightenment. After years of war in the country and with so many unsatisfied, disappointed people it seems like Buddha's wisdom and effort to make the world a better place is fading away. However we still believe peace will prevail and people will think above themselves and serve the country.

This year to celebrate Buddha Jayanti we thought it would be a change to explore other parts of Buddha apart from his teaching and wisdom. We look in Shakya Muni's personality and his body features. It is said that Buddha had all the 32 distinct 'Lakchyan' (features) which made him divinely. We also look at the sketches of Buddha’s family members. We are thankful to Peter Sen and Govinda Nepal for providing part of their script and some exclusive illustrations.

Throughout the centuries there are countless numbers of the Lord Buddha's image in paintings and sculptures that are familiar to most of us. However, in these works of art the 32 distinct features that the Lord Buddha is said to have such as arms extending past the knees, curly body hair, jaws like a lion, eyes resembling those of a bull, etc. are usually not represented. When we study the Lord Buddha's face created by artists of different countries they seem to resemble those artists own countrymen. We also notice something unique -- that these worked described the Lord Buddha in a pattern coinciding with the ancient art of face reading -- the study of physiognomy. Looking at the Lord Buddha’s face, each of those features -- the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the long ear lobes -- all are considered to be ideal according to what face reading teaches.

In face reading, the long smooth arched eyebrows indicate that the owner has a good character who can make a good name, use authority wisely for the good of others, achieve success and even greatness in life. The long almond-shaped eyes represent intelligence and creativity. A person with these eyes is courageous, artistic, sensitive and capable of leadership with a wealth of inner energies. A person with a straight and balanced nose is said to be industrious and can build an empire. When you encounter this kind of nose you are seeing a person of honesty, tenacity and a person of great importance. When a mouth is clear and defined it shows someone has a gentle, kind and loving nature. Such a person is also active, creative, well liked by others, and good at making others feel comfortable and at ease. Those uniquely long ear lobes of the Lord Buddha indicate a person whose providence and enterprise persist over a long period of the lifespan and is usually generous, compassionate, and will give support to others through sound ideas and good deeds.

The illustrations  of the  Lord Buddha  and  his  family members.

Suddhodana - Buddha's father

Mayadevi - Buddha's mother                              Maha Pajapati - Buddha's Step Mother
Lord Buddha                                                          Yasodhara - Buddha's wife
Nanda - Buddha's half brother                         Sundari Nanda - Buddha's half sister  

Rahula - Buddha's son    

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