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When and how to lie to your woman

-Arjun Gurung

Even the most honest of men find themselves lying to their gal once in a while. Some men even lie on a more regular basis. Don’t get them wrong though, men usually lie to avoid trouble. However, sometimes this strategy backfires, so it is advised to all men that they be aware of the possibilities of getting caught. Inject a little humor in your lies, and give her that puppy dog look. You’ll get off easily, but you’ll still have to make up for it.

Here are some ways you can lie to her without hurting her feelings much.

  • You forgot to buy her a birthday / anniversary gift:
    This is a huge mistake on your part as it shows you are an insensitive jerk. When she asks for her gift on the important day, retain your calm and dial the florist and demand to know why the flowers you ordered didn’t reach its destination. Or simply say that you didn’t want to spoil the surprise but since she left you no other option, you have to tell her that you had planned a great evening. Of course she may not be naive enough not to know you're lying but it’ll just about save your hide.

  • You accidentally get a bit too friendly with a girl friend:
    You happen to meet a friend who is a girl and of course, being the gentleman you are, you chat with her. And of course you over do the charming part at times and your gal catches you in the act. How do you get back in her good graces? Use an affectionate term you’ve reserved only for her to start your sentence like, “Sugar, Honey, I was just talking!” This lets her know that she is still number 1 to you. Besides women like a little bit of competition, so she’ll shower you with enough affection to make sure you don’t think of the other girl again. Actually, it’s a very beneficial position to be in.

  • You accidentally spill some drink on her:
    Give her your naughty boy - sly smile and tell her that she looks hotter when she’s wet. Of course that’s true (this actually disqualifies this topic for this article but..) so she’ll believe it. Then be a hero and offer her your jacket, if it‘ll help. 

  • You show up late for dinner at a restaurant:
    You couldn’t make it on time because an old lady had a flat tire or you found a lost child crying in the park. If she buys it, good. If not add some real silly excuses like you actually being spider man and had to take care of some bad guys who were robbing a bank. If you can’t pull the wool over her eyes, tickle her pink!

  • She asks you if she’s fat:
    Who says only beauty contestants have to face tough questions? Next time she asks if she’s fat, don’t think twice. Say “no” no matter how much pounds she has gained. Then offer her some help if she wants to trim down like accompanying her to the gym or on her jogs. (Of course you want her to slim down!)

  • You want to avoid meeting her family again:
    Having to meet her family is something all guys dread. Why can’t the “buy 1 get all” thing happen on products available in the market? The only way out of this is to act sick or come up with some supposedly important office work. You'll need some pretty convincing acting on this one though.  

  • She catches you eyeing another woman:
    Get romantic on this one and tell her that you looked at the woman only because she’s so much like her, or that the pretty dress the woman was wearing would look far better on her.

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