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How to 'call a girl' for the first time

So you got her number. Well congratulations! If you got the number yourself, maybe you’re already good enough. But if you’re just the lucky bloke to whom she gave you her number, you’d better work on a few things, because you’ll have to be like, really lucky to make things work after a terrible call!

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you may reach the next round.

Play it cool

No matter how tempted you may be, don’t call her too soon. Wait for a couple of days at least. Hey, you don’t want to appear that desperate. Call too late and she might have cut you off her list or even worse forgotten you.

Prepare yourself

You wouldn’t appear for an interview without preparing on what you want to talk about would you? Same thing here. Make a plan on how you want to start the conversation and what you want to talk about. Maybe on also how you think it’ll end.

Give her sometime

She might not be as receptive as she was the time she gave you her number. This may seem discouraging at first but is not necessarily a rejection. Allow her some time to get less defensive and open up to the conversation.

Sound confident

Your heart may be strumming faster than Carlos Santana’s fingers, but don’t let that appear in your voice. Retain your composure at all times. A squeaky voice and constant interruptions of uh’s and throat clearings will give you away.

Avoid a monologue

Just because you're nervous isn’t a good enough reason to be pardoned for conducting a one way conversation. Encourage her to talk and be a good listener. It’s easier and more promising too.

Make her feel good

Probably the most cardinal rule with women is to make them feel good. Make her laugh and compliment on her voice/beauty, but remember it should be done genuinely.

Ask her out

If your conversation is going on pretty well, it’s time to make the move and ask her that question before things go wrong. It is better if you know what she likes so that you may offer to take her to a place or event you know she would love to attend.

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