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Are you over or under weight? 

Every morning you weigh yourself and stare at the number the needle points to. You don’t know whether you’re overweight but think you are. Unlike in exam papers, a lower number would be better. But would you like to go through all that trouble to reduce your weight when first of all you aren’t sure if you are on the heavier side?

Here is a simple method to see if you are over weight, under weight or of the correct weight.

  • Measure your height. Get some one to help you for a better reading. Make your reading in centimeters.
  • Measure your weight in kilos.
  • Subtract 100 from your height. For example if your height in centimeters is 170, subtract 100.
  • The remaining number gives an estimation for your ideal body weight. In the above example that would be 70. So if your weight is 75, then you are 5 kilos above weight, and if it is 65 you are 5 kilos under weight.

This is only a rough estimation so if you desire a better reading, which can be more complex and thus requiring more professional expertise, we suggest you visit a dietician or doctor.

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