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Nepal Vs Australia in 2008

- Arjun Gurung

We all know how passionate Mandira Bedi is about Cricket. According to her article in an Indian daily, she felt that England should have watched out for Bangladesh (!?!).

Well let us give you our “Expert” opinion too. We think Australia should watch out for Nepal - at least next year. You may ask : why should Australia look out for Nepal? Maybe the following reasons can explain.

  1. Nepal is progressing fast as a cricket nation. With India and Pakistan having lost to Bangladesh and Ireland, Nepal will definitely fare better.
  2. Nepal will make it to the next world cup. Yes, with the promising rate of progress that is taking place in the New Nepal, it is only a matter of a year for Nepali cricket team to make it to the world cup level.
  3. Our U-19 team was promising.
  4. Nepalis are used to being hurled with the most unexpected things. No doubt our batsmen can hit almost all kinds of balls. Specially that of the opponents!
  5. With the horrible pitches, our bowlers have developed very precise aiming.
  6. Nepali players would have that extra advantage if the match were scheduled at night and the lights in the stadium went off. Batti gayo? No problem.
  7. Unlike the Indian and Australian Cricket team, the Nepali cricket team is untouched by publicity. Most Nepalis can name the Indian team but will find it hard to name any 11 cricketers of Nepal. This is a good sign.
  8. With all the backing up it gets from the government and corporate houses, Nepali cricket team lacks no support.
  9. Nepali players will be able to tackle all kinds of changes in strategies the opponents make on the cricket pitch because Nepali people are more adapted to changes. Kahile government change, kahile price change, kahile ke, kahile ke.
  10. Carlsberg and Coca-cola and plenty others are sponsoring the 1st corporate 6 aside cricket tournament. This is an encouragement to the national team to go corporate– as that seems to be the only way to bring in the sponsers. Till then they'll have to manage on whatever little they have.

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