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Preserving the World for a better future

-Arjun Gurung 

Many of us may not know it but today, April 22nd is Earth day. The first Earth day was celebrated in the United States, an idea of Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in 1970 in response to growing environmental degradation. Over 20 million people participated that day. Today, 37 years later, more than 500 million people observe this day in more than 175 countries.
Earth day is a reminder to people that we must protect our Earth. With various forms of degradation invented as a bi-product of modernization, our earth and its bio diversity face the threat of destruction to a stage beyond repair. As humans, the most intelligent of all species, it is in our hands to see that the Earth is preserved.

Environmental preservation and resources management might be too big a task to handle on our own but that does not mean we can’t contribute in our individual ways. If everyone were to think of the whole world as their home, environment preservation should not be such a difficult task. If every one stopped littering the streets, the roads wouldn’t be so dirty. If every one used recycled goods we could preserve much of the earth’s scarce resources. If everyone maintained their machines, air pollution would be greatly reduced. You see, it isn’t so difficult.

The Earth is our common home. It belongs to us, to the younger generations and the other animals and plants which inhibit it. Let us work together to leave a better world to the younger generation, a world in which they can live without any bio hazards, a world in which the flora and fauna still exist.

The Earth day is a great opportunity to create awareness in the people, specially the younger generations on the importance of preserving the environment, the animals, the resources, the world and ultimately themselves. On the occasion of Earth day, teachers, parents and guardians are requested to teach the younger generation by setting a proper example.

            Celebrate and do your bit this Earth day. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Get rid of the habit of throwing rubbish out of your car or the bus windows. After you get off the vehicle throw it in a trash bin.
  • Say “No” to polythene bags. Use reusable and durable bags like those made of jute, cloth or nylon.
  • Don’t waste too much of water. Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or showering.
  • Recycle all recyclables - Bottles, tin cans, papers and plastics.
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition. It will save you gas too.
  • Spread the word. Encourage others to also participate. If you have any other ideas, then add it to your list.

Let’s preserve Earth for a better future and think of everyday as Earth day.


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