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Summer Heat Solutions

-Arjun Gurung

The rising temperatures may make us feel hot (in both senses) and alive. With this  young and careless attitude we tend to overlook some important things which are harmful to our bodies. Next time you go frolicking in the sun, take into consideration the following:

  1. Dehydration:  The summer sun can really dry you out without your knowing it. When your body looses enough water to the extent of not being able to function properly, you are dehydrated. Giddiness, vomiting and feeling faint are symptoms of dehydration. To avoid it, make sure you drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Maybe more if you spend longer hours in the sun.
  2. Sun burn: A sun burn is the condition of the skin after over exposures to the suns UV rays. Mild forms of sun burn can cause reddish skin which is hot to the touch. Stronger forms of sun burn cause the skin to peel off or body parts to blister and swell. To protect your self from getting sun burnt, apply some sort of sun screen while venturing out. The whiter the skin, the more prone you are to sun burn.
  3. Hyperthermia: When your body gets too hot, you suffer from heat stress, fatigue and cramps. When your body produces or absorbs too much heat to dissipate, you suffer from hyperthermia. Help your body cool down by resting in the shades, A/C or have something cool to drink. If not taken care of, hyperthermia can take the more terrifying form of heat stroke or sun stroke.
  4. Eye protection: The glares off the streets and metals of the car hood can really torture the eyes. UV A and UV B rays can damage the delicate layers of the eye. Protect your eyes with sun glasses that are polarized and that filter UV rays.
  5. Pool side problems: The pool can be a tempting option in this heat. Chlorine in the pools react with substances such as urine and sweat to create byproducts that can irritate the respiratory tract. Also water from the pool when trapped in the ear can cause irritation and if left long enough can cause internal infections.           

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