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Comparing women with things.

-Arjun Gurung

We got this letter from one of our visitors in America, Bijay, who said we compared our featured lady to a guitar in our latest style check theme. Well, that gave us some ideas of a few of the things we actually do compare women with – intentionally or unintentionally. Here are a few.

The better comparisons:

Dolls: Women are those dolls which as a guy, we never got to grow up playing with. Barbie, She-ra, Linsay Lohan effigy…(well, yeah, she’s not so old but that’s besides the point)

Radios: A radio that plays more stations than any other ever invented. One minute it’s about her family and the next minute it’s about her jealous co-worker. It’s always fun to listen to a radio.

Like a piece of art, every woman is admirable and worth looking at.

They come in all genres from hard rock to ghazals. Once they enter your head they hang on your lips all the time.

The greener a place, the more pleasant it is. You know what doctors say? They say green is good for the eyes. Duh! We’ve known that for years!


The unfortunate comparisons:

Storm: A storm is a storm, when it blows, it doesn’t do any man any good. Stand up to it you get whipped, don’t stand up to it, and it’ll bend you to the ground.

Yak: Hair is lovely as long as it’s on a pretty head. A single hair on the floor is too many.

Hole in the pocket: Ever had a hole in your pocket where you keep your money? No? Cut out a hole in one of them and you’ll find out.

The stock market: Unpredictable. You don’t know when to go for it and when to play it safe. It all comes down to lady luck. Trouble is - she’s a woman too.

Rancher: Just when you thought you were free from your mother’s shadows, another one comes along to brand you. May be that is what fate is.


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