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-Arjun Gurung

Many people today seem confused about the basics of the traffic rules in Kathmandu. Fret not, we list you the 10 most misunderstood rules. After reading this article you will be more street wise to the ways of capital city.    

  1. Zebra crossings are meant for zebras and we aren’t Zebra’s. Now if there were donkey crossings….
  2. Overhead bridges are great ideas, but sadly in the wrong place. Maybe if it were in Solukhumbu, it would have worked.
  3. Traffic lights are merely decorations on the streets. Maybe we should add some more in every galli… well at least for Tihar.
  4. The center lane is for driving slowly and the side lanes are for overtaking, an important rule that most foreigners have trouble understanding.
  5. The job of the policeman is to snatch your licenses and salute at big Jeeps with dark windows with government number plates.
  6. The Thapathali junction  is actually the starting line of a race track. When the lights turn green you must burn rubber.
  7. The right of way goes to the vehicle coming from the side lanes. If there is an accident, you know who to  blame.
  8. A drivers license is a non mandatory piece of paper. Would you like one? No. Okay.
  9. You should take your vehicle for servicing only if it throws really black smoke or if you intend to sell it.
  10. Getting squeezed like ‘gundruk’ and hanging out of the doors is a privilege you only get by paying the bus fares.

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