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Mother's Day Gifts

-Arjun Gurung

Mothers are goddesses who give birth to us, feed us and even do our laundry, all year long and ask nothing in return. Maybe it's because of this unconditional love that we tend to take our mothers for granted. We cringe when she kisses and hum a tune when she advises, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love her – we do, but we seldom say so. A mothers day is the perfect opportunity to remind our mothers that we really appreciate all the things she does for us and that we love her.



You can express your love, affection and gratitude this mothers day by buying her a gift or doing something considerate. Here are some ideas that you could help you let your mother know how much you care.

  1. Make her some breakfast; place it on a tray with some flowers and a card on the side. A great idea for those who have to leave for office early or simply forgot to buy a gift. Cookies, omlets, bread and toast and a cup of coffee or tea served in bed should do the trick.

  2. Buy her some jewelry. It needn’t be some expensive rock, money isn’t the only thing, it’s the thought that counts! A small pendant or a pair of earrings will be well received. 

  3. A better idea, if you’ve got enough money for it, would be to take your mother on a shopping spree. Even though if at the end of the day, she hasn’t bought anything for herself, she will cherish the time spent.

  4. Chocolate – say it sweetly with an array of chocolates. Of course she’ll share it with everyone so buy a little extra.

  5.  Another classic idea would be to say it with a bouquet of flowers, or if she loves gardening, some beautiful flowering plants for her to add to her garden.

  6. A gift basket makes a better option. A basket containing so many things, she will surely find a couple of things that will please her. You may buy one in the market or custom make one.

  7. Women love hand bags, so even if she has dozens of them, gifting her another one will not be any less important.

  8. For the working mom, a coffee mug, a picture frame for her desktop or a keychain would be nice. 

  9. A vase, portrait, rug or any kind of decor is a cherished item for any homemaker. Your gift will find a nice place in the house and in her heart.

  10. A special dinner made by the rest of the family would be a pleasant change. Soften it up with candles. And don’t forget, cooking dinner also includes washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.


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