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Weekend Movie Watch

Well, first of all let us wish you all a happy new year 2064. May this year bring you peace, prosperity and good health. As usual, this Saturday, we have two reviews for you, so you can sit back and enjoy a greatly deserved weekend.

Meet the Robinsons

Director:Stephen J. Anderson

Writers:Jon Bernstein (adaptation) and Robert L. Baird (additional story material)

Meet the Robinsons is an animated science fiction movie about a little orphan boy named Lewis. Lewis at the age of 12 is a prodigy. He lives with a foster mother but is always in search of a family he can call his own. However his nerdiness scares potential adopters away. Always troubled by the mystery of the identity of his mother and why she gave him up shortly after his birth, he works on inventing a memory scanner that will scan his brain for some information on his mother.

Then one day at a science fair Lewis meets a whacky kid named Wilbur Robinson whisks him through time and into the future. The future is a colorful playland. But our hero is to find out that he is actually on a mission- to save his future and possibly that of the other people. His invention in progress (the memory scanner) is in the danger of falling in the wrong hands. He must see to it that it doesn’t.

Exiting, funny and creative, the main message of the movie is to not dwell in the past but to "keep moving forward". Although targeted at the younger audiences, like most Disney creations, the movie is as appealing to the adults as well.


Director: Jag Mundh

Cast: Aishwary Rai, Miranda Richardson, Navin Andrews,Nandita Das,Rebecca Pidedeon,Robbie Coltrane,Steve Mcfaddena

Producer: Sunanda Murali Manohar

Music: A.R.Rahman

Provoked is movie based on a true-life story of a woman who suffered for years at the hands of her abusive husband. The movie is based on the book ‘Circle Of Light’ by Rahila Gupta and Kiranjit Ahluwalia. It is a heart-wrenching true tale of a woman from Punjab who is married to a man in England.

Kiranjit, a meek and submissive girl from Punjab gets married to Deepak (Navin Andrews). But it doesn’t take long for her dream of a happily married life to shatter. Over the course of many years, she is repeatedly tortured, abused and raped by her alcoholic, insensitive and infidel husband. The only ray of happiness in her life is her two kids.
One day, Kiranjit decides to take no more abuse from her husband. So she puts a gasoline soaked rug on him and sets him on fire. Kiranjit is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. In the prison she finds a friend in a white inmate named Veronica Scott (Miranda Richardson). Apparently, Veronica is an influential woman and she helps Kiranjit file an appeal in the judicial court. On the other hand, a group of Asian social workers called Southall Black Sisters take Kiranjit’s cause and begin to garner support for her case to be retried. What follows is a historical verdict in British judiciary. Kiranjit is acquitted and reunited with her kids.

Aishwarya rai’s acting is good. Her expressive blue eyes should get most of the credit. Navin Andrews acting is convincing enough to make you want to hate him. A movie based on a sensitive issue, it is respectable for all its good intentions.

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